What would a tenant protections urgency ordinance do?

The City Council has directed that staff prepare an urgency ordinance for possible adoption at the September 12, 2022, City Council meeting to continue in Petaluma Covid-related eviction protections like those Sonoma County enacted that will expire on September 22, 2022.

The urgency ordinance, if adopted by the City Council, will take effect September 22, 2022, and expire when the City’s tenant protection Ordinance, discussed above, takes effect.  The purpose of the urgency ordinance is continuity of Covid-related tenant protections until the City’s tenant protection Ordinance takes effect. 

Like the County ordinance, the urgency ordinance would prohibit eviction of tenants who demonstrate in accordance with the requirements of the ordinance that they are unable to pay rent as a result of decreased income or increased expenses due to COVID-19.  Also like the County ordinance, the urgency ordinance would not excuse rent payments due and would require repayment of rent payments due by the time specified in the ordinance, and permit landlords to recover rent due in accordance with the ordinance.

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