When do I need a permit for my home/yard project?

People often do not know they need a permit for their home or yard improvement projects. Before you start a project, review the list below, read the Building Permit Fact Sheet, and contact the Building Department if you have any questions. Remember, permits keep people, pets, and natural resources safe!


Furnace, Electric Panel Service Upgrade, and Water Heater Installations require permits that typically are issued “over-the-counter.”

Kitchen Remodel: Kitchen remodels trigger a wide variety of permits, depending on the work that is done. Read our kitchen remodel checklist for more info.

Bathroom Remodel: Bathroom remodels trigger a wide variety of permits, depending on the work that is done. Read our bathroom remodel checklist for more info.

Re-roof: This is an over the counter permit. The cost is based on valuation of project and materials costs. Apply online here.

Hot Tub/Spa Installation: For plug-cord connected spa/hot tub, permit is required for any necessary new electrical work. If it is a hardwired electrical connection spa/hot tub, permits are required for the spa installation, electrical work, and plumbing work.

Fence: A fence permit is required when constructing a new fence or replacing an existing one. The height, style, and location of fencing is regulated by the zoning district in which your property is located. Contact the Planning Division to check zoning requirements and submit your Fence Permit application and fee to the Building Division.  

Deck:  Planning Division approval required for decks 18 inches or higher above grade; Building Permit required for decks is more than 30 inches above grade. Review our handout on Residential Deck Permit Requirements.

Dry Rot: Yes, dry rot repair does require a permit.  It takes only a few minutes to complete the permit application and state, in writing, the scope of work. Most of the time a copy of the termite report is adequate. The permit fee is based on the valuation of the work, including material and labor costs.





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