When does the Ordinance apply?

The Ordinance applies on the first day of tenancy.


The following situations are not subject to the Petaluma rules:

  • Transient and tourist occupancies
  • Housing accommodations in a nonprofit hospital, religious facility, extended care facility, licensed residential care facility for the elderly.
  • Dormitories owned and operated by a school.
  • Small Property Owners – Small Property Owners are:
    • Owners who own 3 or fewer units and who are NOT real estate investment trusts, corporations, or limited liability companies w/ at least 1 corporate member
      • Required notice must be provided in writing and must state the following:
        • “The property is not subject to the just cause requirements in Section 1946.2 of the Civil Code or in Chapter 6.60 Petaluma Municipal Code, and the owner is not a real estate investment trust, corporation, or limited liability company with at least one corporate member, and owns three or fewer residential units in Petaluma.”
  • Temporary Tenancies: Tenancy in the primary residence of the owner that is less than 12 months in duration pursuant to an agreement specifying a date when the rental agreement will expire and the tenant shall surrender the unit so the owner may re-occupy it as their primary residence.
  • Tenant Property Managers: Any dwelling unit occupied by a tenant who is employed by a landlord for the purpose of managing the property or by a tenant who is permitted to reside in the dwelling unit in consideration of managing the property.
  • Units Shared with Owner: Any dwelling unit in which the owner resides with a tenant or tenant household as the owner’s primary residence and in which the owner shares a bathroom or kitchen with the tenant or tenant household.
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