When does this Ordinance take effect and when does it expire?

The City Council is scheduled to consider adoption of the Ordinance at the September 12, 2022, City Council meeting. If adopted the Ordinance will take effect thirty days later on October 12, 2022.  

When the City Council introduced the Ordinance on August 1, 2022, they included a sunset provision.  As a result, if the Ordinance is adopted it will expire on March 1, 2023.  The City Council indicated they wanted City staff to use the time before the Ordinance expires to perform additional outreach to the community, speak with community members affected by the Ordinance and collect data on the Petaluma rental market and the needs of tenants and landlords. Continuation of local tenant protections like those in the Ordinance will require the City Council to amend the Ordinance to extend or eliminate the expiration date or to introduce and adopt a new ordinance.  The City Council could choose to amend the provisions of the Ordinance based on the feedback received from the community before it expires. 

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