Why discuss the proposed overlay through a study session?

A study session allows both the public and legislative body to provide their input and ask staff their questions regarding the proposed amendments. The initial study session was a joint meeting with both the Planning Commission and the Historical Cultural Preservation Commission. All amendments to the City’s Zoning Ordinance, like creating the Overlay, requires approval and recommendation to City Council by the Planning Commission and as the Overlay was within or adjacent to the City’s Historical District it sought input and comments from the HCPC (Historic & Cultural Preservation Committee).

Besides input from the legislative bodies and the public regarding the potential boundary of the District, staff are also interested in the specific height requirements of the Overlay and what review authority and findings are required to grant the additional height. Said another way, if an application sought a height increase beyond those currently allowed under the IZO (Implementing Zoning Ordinance), would it require a conditional use permit be issued by the Planning Commission upon certain findings being made.

As this meeting, like the prior meeting is just a study session, no formal determination will be made during the meeting and will require a subsequent meeting by the Planning Commission and then two readings by the City Council before the Overlay could be adopted. Accordingly, the public can continue to provide their comments to [email protected]. The point of this study session is to continue to gather public feedback before providing the Planning Commission a proposed Overlay to vote on.

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