Why not focus the amendment on just the Mixed Use Classification set by the General Plan and the Mixed Use 2 Development standards set by the IZO?

The MU2 (Mixed Use 2) zone applies to 3 areas of the City: 1) the downtown, excluding the downtown area that extends into the CPSP (Central Petaluma Specific Plan); 2) parcels abutting Petaluma Boulevard North to West Street and Petaluma Boulevard South to roughly the location of the AMF Boulevard Lanes; and 3) the Silk Mill Site, which is the current location of the Hampton Inn Petaluma. Staff felt that confining the requested amendment to the Downtown Subarea would take advantage of the higher concentration of activity, proximity to include good and services, as well as the transit availability that is present in the downtown (when compared to the areas described in #2 & 3 above), and to reflect that the existing development pattern in and around the areas described in #2 & 3 is predominately low rise and that more development in those areas would require additional study to determine if FAR (Floor to Area Ratio) and height increases were feasible or warranted. In addition, as depicted in Exhibit 7 – General Plan 2025 Subareas, the MU2 (Mixed Use 2) areas beyond the study area are within different General Plan subareas (Petaluma Boulevard North/Washington Corridor, Petaluma Boulevard South, or Washington Core), and are subject to a different set of conditions, goals, and policies, than the area chosen for the Overlay, which is in the Downtown subarea.

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