Why is the City switching to all-digital permitting?

All-digital permitting is much more efficient than paper-based permitting. Staff will no longer need to spend time on tedious, low-value tasks like physically date-stamping plans. Instead, they’ll be able to focus on high-value tasks, like answering applicant questions. With all permit-related information in one online hub, staff will be able to work in tandem, with better accuracy. On the applicant’s side, the self-service portal brings convenience, allowing applicants to complete permit tasks from desktop, mobile, or other device, 24×7. The portal will even be the place where staff and applicants communicate. All of this translates into better service to the community.

A second benefit has to do with transparency–the ability of the public to see into the City’s processes. Transparency is an important component to our democracy, and it’s also vital to City staff and project applicants. Applicants and staff will be able to see where projects are in the review cycle, which will help applicants manage their budgets and timelines.

Finally, all-digital permitting is better for the environment. No paper and no need to drive to City Hall–two ways to support the local and global environment, a priority for our City as we work toward becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

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