Why was Red Teepee at Lucchesi Park?

Red Teepee was part of a temporary art exhibition entitled “Look Out West” in 2003 located in Lucchesi Park. The exhibition featured sculptures by various artists and was organized and curated by Suzanne Wibroe. The exhibition’s artworks, including Red Teepee, were loaned to the event through a curatorial agreement between Wibroe and the City of Petaluma. This agreement outlined a schedule to host the exhibited artworks on the City’s property for a limited time, where after the close of the event, the artworks would be retrieved by the respective artists. 

At the conclusion of the temporary exhibition in Lucchesi Park, all artworks were removed by the artwork owners. However, Peter Forakis informed the City he would remove Red Teepee at a later date, although no date was agreed to in writing. Forakis never returned to remove Red Teepee and passed away on November 26, 2009.

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