Will it be safe to kayak, row, or boat in the Petaluma River (outside of the Turning Basin) during the Turning Basin dredging project?

Access to the Turning Basin—the area of the River between the D Street Bridge and the Balshaw pedestrian Bridge—is restricted to vessels associated with the dredging operation and public safety vessels.

Access to the stretch of the Petaluma River south of the D Street Bridge to San Pablo Bay will not be restricted during this project.

Safety on any waterway is a shared responsibility. During this dredging operation, there will be more activity on the Petaluma River than usual, with tugboats and barges traveling from the Turning Basin into the San Pablo Bay (and back!) up to 5-7 times per day Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

To ensure safety, the professional, licensed tugboat captains involved in this operation will adhere to stay at a 5 miles per hour speed except when a slightly higher speed is necessary to maneuver. The tugboat captains will sound a “slow bell” when approaching smaller watercraft, as an extra measure of caution.

Kayakers, rowers, stand-up-paddle boarders, and boaters have more ability to maneuver and need to give these larger vessels a wide berth. Outreach by the City to local groups that use the River—the North Bay Rowing Club, Yacht Club, etc. — will help to ensure those who regularly use the River will take extra precautions during the project’s two-week period.

For more information on the Turning Basin Dredging & Dock Restoration (2022), CLICK HERE.

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