How do I know if my power will be turned off in a Public Safety Power Shutoff?

You can find out if your power will be turned off in several ways:

PGE Alerts:
When possible, PG&E will email, phone, or text to customers who will be impacted by a PSPS, before power is turned off. In 2020 season, PG&E is striving to send alerts 48 hours, 24 hours, and immediately before the scheduled PSPS.

Note: PG&E will send alerts using the information on file. If your contact information and address are not in the PG&E system, you may not receive an alert. Update your contact information online or call 1-866-743-6589.

PG&E Outage Map
Go to PG&E’s main web site and link to the PSPS outage map. There you should be able to view a map that shows where the PSPS will be and type in your address and get information about whether you will be impacted by the PSPS.

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