Are appropriate sight lines available for drivers entering or leaving a driveway?

When studying the street, we realized that the driveways located along Rainier Avenue do not provide adequate sight lines for people currently exiting the driveways. To remedy this, the curbs were painted red for 20 feet on each side of the driveways. Regardless of how we decide to move forward with the repaving and repainting project, we would paint the curbs to meet safety standards.  

Under the demonstration project conditions, sight lines were improved by adding 20-25-feet of red curb paint recommended by National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) at driveways, giving motorists coming out of their driveways better sight lines and more time to react to oncoming vehicular traffic. Additionally, moving the bike lanes towards the curb allows drivers to first focus on pedestrians and bikes safely. They can then pull out of their driveway and focus on oncoming traffic, which will be afforded with improved sight lines. With the parking setbacks motorists entering Rainier Avenue will improve safety conditions.

Zoomed In Concepts with Annotations_Sight Lines

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