Reestablish Single-Family Dwelling at 415 A Street

Posted on October 3, 2023

Project Name: Reestablish Single-Family Dwelling at 415 A Street
Address: 415 A Street [Map It]
APN: 008-046-002
City Record Number: PLUP-2023-0006
Applicant Name: Abe Kleinfeld & Yvonne Kleinfeld, Property Owners
Date of Decision: On or after October 23, 2023
Project Description: The application proposes to reestablish a single-family dwelling in a Mixed-Use Zoning District, located in the “A” Street Historic District currently used as a professional office. The subject property was built in the early 1900s as a two-story residential structure. From the time of construction until 1976 the property was used continuously as a single-family dwelling. On June 2, 1976, the property was approved for conversion to a Professional Office use. Pursuant to Petaluma’s Implementing Zoning Ordinance 24.060, a Conditional Use Permit is required to authorize the reestablishment of a single-family dwelling in such districts where single-family dwellings are not currently permitted. The proposed use will return the structure to its historical use and be consistent with nearby uses which include single and multi-family residential properties.

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