Safe Mobility & Community Connectivity

Goal Background

The Safe Mobility and Community Connectivity | Safe Streets Goal is a city-wide initiative that strives to increase and provide safety for all users of our roadways. This project will provide Petaluma with a strategic map forward for Active Transportation.


*Please note the City of Petaluma's fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. 

Milestone Description
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Estimated Completion

Progress Status Q1 July-Sept 2022 Q2 Oct-Dec 2022 Q3 Jan-Mar 2023 Q4 Apr-Jun 2023 Q1 Jul-Sept 2023 Q2 Oct-Dec 2023 Q3 Jan-Mar 2024 Q4 Apr-Jun 2024 FY25 & Beyond
Memorialize Safe Streets elements in overall vision (AT, complete streets, calming, accessibility, trails, sidewalks, etc.) FY23 Q1 Complete
Adopt local road safety plan FY23 Q2 Complete
Crosstown Connector workshop FY23 Q2 Complete
Establish criteria/framework for Active Transportation projects selection FY23 Q2 Complete
Create a project master plan that integrates PMP, LRSP, ATP, UMPs, and neighborhood requests to inform the CIP FY23 Q3 Current
Refine and develop long-term funding strategy plan FY23 Q4 Upcoming
Implement asset management system - integration of street and utility data FY24 Q4 Ongoing
Project Construction Ongoing Ongoing
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