Sepaher 4-unit Residential Building

Posted on December 21, 2022

Project Name: Sepaher 4-unit Residential Building
Address:  315 Lakeville Street [Map It]
APN: 0007-154-013
City Record Number(s): PLSR-2022-0031 & PLMA-17-0008
Applicant Name: Architect Nicholas Lee, on behalf of property owner Nancy Sepaher
Date of Decision: On or after Tuesday December 19, 2022
Project Description: Proposed modification of the 4-unit residential building previously approved for the vacant lot with frontage on Lakeville Street through to Erwin Street. The previously approved 3-story building is now proposed to be modified to a 2-story building; the size of the four units would be reduced from an average of 2,560 square feet each to approximately 1,760 square feet each. The footprint of the building would remain as approved, as would the parking inside the building accessed from Erwin Street, the landscaping and site improvements generally, and the general architectural style of the building.
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