Slow the Fast Down


It's not about how fast you get there in Petaluma, but how you arrive. "Slow the Fast Down" is our campaign to ensure every drive is a safe one. A slower drive means: 

  • Safety for All: Help our chickens cross the road! Reduced speeds decrease accident risks and keep drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safe.
  • Better Fuel Efficiency: Slower driving uses less fuel, leading to savings at the pump and a greener Petaluma.  
  • More Time for Split-Second Decisions: From foul balls to phone calls, it’s easy to get distracted while driving. The faster we drive, the less time we have to react to unexpected events on the road. 
  • Less Stress, More Calm: Our stunning landscape isn’t just for tourists. Enjoy the view and reduce your daily stress.  

Join us and pledge to "Slow the Fast Down." Embrace the beauty of every drive, acknowledge fellow drivers with a nod or wave, and arrive safely every time. 

Petaluma is too beautiful – and life is too short - to speed through it. Slow the Fast Down today for safer roads and a happier Petaluma. 


Help keep Petaluma's pace of life slow by taking the pledge to Slow the Fast Down. Then, nominate a street that needs safety improvement with our Safe Streets Nomination Program. Together, we can reach our Sonoma County Vision Zero goal and reach ZERO severe injuries or fatalities from traffic incidents by 2030.

Take the Pledge

Take the pledge to Slow the Fast Down and receive a free gift from the choices below!

Next, Nominate Your Street

Petaluma's Safe Streets Nomination Program allows residents to tell us which streets to improve next. With your help, we can pinpoint, rank, and upgrade areas that need work to slow traffic down and make our streets safer. We know that fast cars and safe streets don't mix. In fact, high speeds are the cause behind most traffic collisions in Petaluma.

So share your traffic insights with us at the link HERE and find out how we rank and prioritize traffic upgrades.

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Did you know?

A graph shows the risk of death for pedestrians hit by cars travelling at different speeds.
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