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Share How You're Getting Climate Ready!

As part of the City of Petaluma's Climate Ready 2030 commitment, we have pledged to become a carbon neutral* city by the year 2030 - and you can help! Taking small actions like conserving water, recycling, composting, biking to work, or planting a garden can have a big impact on our City's carbon sequestration goals.

We are creating a video for Earth Day that will show how members of our community are helping us get climate ready, and we want to feature you! Send a short video clip following the guidelines below showing us one action you're taking in your home, workplace, or on your commute, that helps the environment. We will compile submissions into a short video we will present to our City Council on Earth Day and share on our website and through our social media channels. All submissions will receive a Climate Ready 2030 lawn sign as a thank you!

Thank you for supporting us on the road to carbon neutrality. We can't wait to see what you're up to!

*Carbon neutrality refers to balancing greenhouse gas emissions/climate pollution. Carbon neutrality is achieved through reducing carbon emissions and balancing carbon emissions through carbon offsets (programs that sequester/remove carbon from the atmosphere to make up for emissions elsewhere).


Please keep these guidelines in mind when creating your videos:
  • Please keep videos under 30 seconds in length
  • iPhone video footage is acceptable
  • Please keep camera in landscape (horizontal) orientation
  • Be sure to introduce yourself and and say the words "I'm Ready" or "We're Ready" to let us know you're getting Climate Ready with us
  • Show us one thing you are doing to help Petaluma get Climate Ready (recycling, water conservation, composting, electric vehicles, biking to work, buying locally made food and products, planting a garden - every little bit helps!)

Submit Your Video

Please send your video as an attachment to [email protected]. If the file is too large to send via email, please contact us ([email protected]), and we will give you an alternative.

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