The Floodway LLC Appeal

Posted on May 15, 2023

Project Name: The Floodway LLC Appeal
Address: 4875 Petaluma Blvd N/4951 Stony Point Road [Map It]
APN: 007-422-028
City Record Number(s): PLSR-2023-0001 (PLUP-2022-0027)
Applicant Name: Heather Kratt (H&H Real Estate LLC)
Project Description: Heather Kratt (H&H Real Estate LLC) has filed an applicant appeal to Planning Commission of a decision to deny proposed land use activity on the vacant subject parcel zoned Floodway (FW). Planning application PLUP-2022-0027 proposes establishing The Floodway LLC as a year-round “community marketplace” on the parcel designated Floodway (FW) by the 2025 General Plan and zoned Floodway by the Implementing Zoning Ordinance. Following development review by City staff, Planning determined that the proposed community marketplace project is not identified as a permitted use, is not a similar open type of use of the same general character as permitted uses, and is not identified as an allowed conditional use within the Floodway zone pursuant to IZO §6.050(B)4. Therefore, the Planning Manager, pursuant to the authority granted by the Community Development Director, found that the project could not be approved. On March 13, 2023, a timely appeal of the decision was filed with the City Clerk pursuant to IZO §24.090 

CALIFORNIA ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ACT: The proposed project was excluded from California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review in accordance with Section 21080(b)(5) of CEQA Guidelines, which states that CEQA analysis is not needed for projects for which a public agency is recommending denial

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