FAQ Topic: Business licenses

What is a business license inspection and how do I schedule one?

As part of the business license process, the City’s Fire Prevention and Building Divisions need to inspect your business to ensure that you business meets minimum requirements for safety and emergency access. To schedule a business license inspection, send email to bizcheck@cityof petaluma.org. You can prepare for the inspection by reviewing this checklist of items.

How much is the business tax in Petaluma?

For the first year, the City assesses business taxes based on the type of business. After the first year, the taxes are assessed based on the business’s gross receipts. Refer to the Business Certificate Fees Page to determine your tax obligations and how to pay.

How do I start a home-based business?

Home-based businesses require a business certificate and a home occupation permit that must be approved by the Planning Division and renewed annually. This process ensures that neighborhoods are protected from the impacts of commercial activities.

How do I start a cannabis business?

The City of Petaluma regulates the types of cannabis businesses and requires an annual permit and review by the Police Department. Learn more and download the permit application at https://cityofpetaluma.org/cannabis-business-information/.

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