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How does the City enforce the Petaluma minimum wage?

The City, rather than the State, is responsible for enforcing the proposed ordinance, just as it is responsible for enforcing any other law adopted by the City Council. The proposed ordinance gives the City the right to investigate suspected violations and to request employee records as part of its investigation. Other cities with similar ordinances … Continued

What rights do employees have with the Petaluma minimum wage?

The Petaluma minimum wage ordinance gives employees, an employee representative, or any other person the right to report suspected violations. It also gives them the right to bring legal action against an employer. Finally, it discusses remedies if a violation is found.

Are there noticing requirements for employers?

Similar to the State’s wage requirements, the proposed Petaluma ordinance requires employers to inform employees of the local wage and their rights at the onset of their employment and on an annual basis. Employers also need to put up posters or flyers listing the current wage and employee rights. These flyers need to be in … Continued

How do commissions affect the Petaluma minimum wage?

Commissions can be factored in when calculating the Petaluma minimum wage. Employers shall use State guidelines for calculating minimum wage for commissioned employees. The state minimum wage can be used to calculate wages for these employees, as long as their hourly wage is no less than the Petaluma minimum wage. Because this is a complex issue, … Continued

How do State Wage Orders Affect the Petaluma Minimum Wage?

State Wage Orders regulate wages, hours, and working conditions of industries. Under these wage orders, certain types of employees must be paid a defined percentage over the state minimum wage. For example, auto technicians who bring their own tools must be paid twice the state minimum wage. The state minimum wage can be used to … Continued

Who is covered or subject to Petaluma minimum wage?

This ordinance covers all employees who work at least 2 hours per week in the City limits and who qualify for the minimum wage according to the California Labor Code. Tips and benefits cannot be included when calculating the Petaluma minimum wage. The ordinance does not apply to Federal, State, or County agencies. It also … Continued

What is the minimum wage in Petaluma?

Petaluma has a local minimum wage that is higher than the State minimum wage. This minimum wage applies to hours worked within the city limits. The wage for 2023 is $17.06. Effective January 1, 2024, the Petaluma minimum wage will be $17.45 per hour for all employers, regardless of size. The 2024 wage reflects an increase … Continued

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