FAQ Topic: City Attorney

What is the City Charter and Where do I find it?

Petaluma’s City Charter can be found here. Petaluma is a Charter City, meaning it was incorporated by a Charter that acts like a constitution for the City.  Cities that have not adopted a charter are general law cities. General law cities are bound by the state’s general law, even with respect to municipal affairs. Of California’s … Continued

How do I get Zoning questions answered?

For zoning-related questions, please contact the Planning Department. If you are a business, you can also use our online zoning check tool at petaluma.opencounter.com. Another option is to refer to the Implementing Zoning Ordinance document.

Where do I get answers about City codes or City zoning?

For code-related questions, please start by viewing the City of Petaluma Municipal Code online. If you still have questions, please contact the appropriate department, e.g., Building for Building-related codes. For questions about nuisance-related codes (noise, parked cars, etc.), please contact Code Enforcement. For landscape/water conservation codes, please contact the Water Conservation team.  

Where can I get legal advice?

If you  need assistance with a legal matter in Sonoma County, please visit Sonoma County Community Services for information or the Sonoma County Bar Association for a referral. The City Attorney’s Office does not, and cannot, represent members of the public or offer them advice.

What does the City Attorney’s Office do?

The City Attorney’s Office is responsible for providing, coordinating and managing the provisions of all of the City’s legal service needs. The office provides legal services and support for the City Council, all City subordinate bodies (commissions and committees), the City Manager, Assistant City Manager and all City departments. The City Attorney’s Office does not, … Continued

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