FAQ Topic: Drought

Where can I find the City’s year-round water use restrictions?

The following water use restrictions are enforced year-round. For a complete list of water use restrictions please refer to the Petaluma Municipal Code (Petaluma Municipal Code) Section 15.17.070.   Washing of hard-surfaced areas by direct hosing unless equipped with a shutoff nozzle.  Escape of water through breaks or leaks within the customer’s plumbing or private distribution … Continued

How do I report water waste in my community?

We encourage residents to report water waste in their area. Common examples of water waste are from irrigation systems such as: broken irrigation, overspray, run-off, and improper timing. If you see water waste, please let us know. To report water waste please call 707-778-4507 or email [email protected]  For large leaks and water emergencies please call … Continued

What is the best way to reduce my water use outdoors?

Turning off your irrigation, or significantly reducing your irrigation is an easy way to have big water savings. If you are unable to stop irrigating your landscape, the following steps can help with reducing outdoor water use:  Thoroughly check your irrigation system to ensure there are no breaks, leaks, or water waste occurring when it … Continued

What water conservation programs and incentives are available to water customers to help reduce indoor and outdoor water use?

The City of Petaluma offers many programs, rebates, and resources to help Petaluma residents save water. For information on any of the below programs, rebates, or to request any items, please call 707-778-4507 or email [email protected]  Free Water Conservation Devices – The City offers free water conservation devices to all Petaluma water customers. To learn more … Continued

Is every Petaluma water customer required to reduce water use by 30%?

No. The 30% reduction target for Petaluma is Citywide.  Petaluma shall reduce its overall water use by 30% compared to the average of 2020 consumption. Petaluma’s target is not applied to each individual customer, but to the City as a whole. Individual water customers are asked to conserve water, comply with mandated restrictions, take advantage … Continued

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