FAQ Topic: Fire Department

What is my ISO rating?

ISO’s Public Protection Classification program provides fire protection ratings for communities throughout the United States. In addition to providing standards for evaluating a fire department’s capabilities, a community’s rating can impact fire insurance premiums for property owners. On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 representing superior property fire protection, the City of Petaluma’s … Continued

How will I know if I need to evacuate?

If an alert or warning needs to be issued for a potential threat to the City of Petaluma, community members can receive these messages by subscribing to Nixle or SoCo Alerts. As part of our emergency management and preparedness, the City of Petaluma provides this alert and warning service free to our community. To subscribe … Continued

How do I get a fire incident report?

You can request a fire incident report from the Fire Prevention Bureau through our online form, via email, or in person at 22 Bassett Street, Petaluma, CA, 94952.

When do I need to install sprinklers?

All new residential and commercial construction requires the installation of fire sprinklers. Some existing buildings, both residential and commercial, without fire sprinklers may require a fire sprinkler retrofit as a result of major remodels, additions or renovations. There are exceptions for some Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). Detailed fire sprinkler requirements can be found here.

Where can I learn CPR?

The Petaluma Fire Dept. does not offer CPR classes. However, the Petaluma Health Care District offers training and classes for CPR, AED, and other lifesaving skills, through its HealthQuest program. Go to the PHCD website for upcoming classes, or call Tami Bender, Healthquest CPR Program Manager, by phone (707-766-9226) or email.

Why does a fire engine respond to medical aids with an ambulance?

Many times a fire engine with medically trained firefighters can arrive much faster than an ambulance. Thus,  lifesaving treatment immediately. Firefighters on an engine also respond with the ambulance to ensure there are personnel available to assist not just with the patient but also to manage other hazards that may be associated with the incident. … Continued

Why do firefighters take the fire engine grocery shopping?

Firefighters make their own meals in the fire house and therefore need to shop groceries. This is an on duty activity which means when an emergency is dispatched we drop everything and respond no matter where we are and we need to have the fire engine with us.

Where do I place smoke and carbon monoxide alarms?

Smoke alarms should be placed as follows: one in each bedroom one in the hallway or common area serving the bedrooms in multi-story homes a smoke alarm shall be placed on each level. one carbon monoxide alarm shall be located on each level of the home. Refer to the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the placement … Continued

How do I make a lead paint abatement complaint?

Poisoning because of lead paint is a serious issue. If you suspect a lead paint hazard in your home or business, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau to learn about safe abatement procedures and complaint options. You can contact Fire Prevention via phone (707-778-4389), email ([email protected]) or in person at 22 Basset Street, adjacent to … Continued

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