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Are SB 9 Units and ADUs the same? 

No, an SB 9 unit is not the same as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). See the ADU webpage for more information regarding ADU requirements. SB 9 units are primary dwelling units and must provide for separate utility connections and pay full impact fees. 

What types of projects qualify for SB 9? 

The following project types in a single-family residential zoning district qualify if all eligibility requirements are met:  SB 9 Lot Split  The creation of a new parcel (lot split of an existing residential parcel)  Two primary dwelling unit may be located on each newly created lot  SB 9 Unit  On a vacant parcel  The construction … Continued

What is an SB 9 Urban Lot Split? 

An SB 9 lot split is when an existing legal lot is subdivided into two legal lots. Each lot must be at least 40 percent of the original lot’s size, or at least 1,200 square feet, whichever is greater. The new lots must comply with objective subdivision standards such as providing access to or adjoin … Continued

What is an SB9 Two-Unit Development? 

An SB 9 two-unit development is when a project proposes to add one new primary dwelling unit on a lot with an existing single-family dwelling or create up to two new dwelling units on a vacant lot. The units can be attached (duplex) or detached. An ADU and JADU may also be permitted in accordance … Continued

How much will it cost?

Urban Lot Split (Tentative Parcel Map) $4,265.17 deposit + Staff Time & Materials (Applicant will be billed for the full cost of processing the application) See Fee Schedule.   Two-Unit Development – Building permits are based on how much the project will cost to complete (also known as the project valuation). Development Impact Fees for a … Continued

Can I rent my SB 9 unit as a short-term rental?

No, state law prohibits SB 9 units to be used as short-term rentals. Short-term rentals are rentals for overnight lodging of less than 30 days. Long-term rentals (30 days or greater) are not regulated by SB 9.

My zoning is PUD, does SB 9 apply?

Perhaps but only if the PUD exclusively allows single-family residence and no CC&R restrictions are in place. Check with a Planner if unsure.

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