FAQ Topic: Keeping Petaluma SAFE

How is the SAFE program funded?

The launch of our SAFE program was made possible by $1 million in seed funding from Measure U, a sales tax increase voted in by the people of Petaluma. To continue to provide programming, both the City and PPSC are working to secure additional funding.

Who manages the SAFE team?

The SAFE program is managed by the Petaluma City Manager’s office, and is a collaborative partnership with the City, Police, Fire, and PPSC. PPSC is leveraging its existing partnerships with healthcare providers, community-based programs, and their 70 existing human services programs to access services currently provided. PPSC has the contract to provide this program to … Continued

When is the SAFE team available?

The SAFE program launched July 4, 2021 and has been working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week since. The program continues to grow in personnel and capacity and aims to be operating 24/7 by October 2021.

How can I reach the SAFE team?

Individuals may access SAFE services as follows: Call 9-1-1 – an emergency dispatcher will answer and determine if your situation requires the SAFE team, first responders such as police, fire, or paramedics, or a combination of both. Call 707-781-1234 – you will reach a directory where you can choose to speak with a 9-1-1 operator … Continued

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