FAQ Topic: Petaluma DST

How can I support DST?

Donations to support the Downtown Streets Team program can be made by sending a check to the address below with “Petaluma Team” in the memo field or by contacting Karen Strolia, Senior Director of the North Bay by email at [email protected].

How can I learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about DST, we encourage you to attend one of our Weekly Success Meetings every Thursday at 1pm on the lawn of Petaluma City Hall. If you have questions about the program, please email [email protected] or email: Tatiana Mora Liautaud, Project Manager, DST Petaluma – [email protected] Karen Strolia, Senior … Continued

How does DST integrate with other services in Petaluma?

As with many things in life, working to end homelessness takes a village. The City of Petaluma and DST are eternally grateful to the amazing partners in our community who make our work possible and supplement services for this population that is so often overlooked. We are proud to work with: COTS Petaluma People Services … Continued

How does DST help the unsheltered?

“Homelessness” is a complex problem – and severe mental illness, addiction and/or major life events are not the most common cause. Often, economic hardship or family issues (such as divorce or running away from an unsafe home) are factors on one’s path to losing housing. What’s more, the experience of homelessness itself can be traumatic. … Continued

What does DST look like in our community?

You will see our DST Team’s brightly colored shirts around town weekdays from 8am-12pm as they both clean and beautify our City, with Team Leads providing their singular approach to homeless outreach and services. Many participants begin as residents of well-known encampments around town (Steamer Landing, Cedar Grove, Lynch Creek Trail), spend their mornings volunteering … Continued

How is DST different from other programs?

DST is different from other work experience programs in that participants are engaged 20 hours per week to help clean and beautify our city. In contrast to counseling or case management services that might provide 1-2 hours of interaction each week, the DST model works to establish a deep connection with participants, which allows for … Continued

What is Downtown Streets Team?

Downtown Streets Team (DST) is an organization that works in partnership with the City of Petaluma to provide tailored, individualized support for people striving to overcome the challenges that contribute to experiencing homelessness. DST offers a step-by-step approach, understanding that lasting change takes time. Program participants volunteer their time beautifying our community and receive access … Continued

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