FAQ Topic: Petaluma River Dredging

What are the benefits of the dredging project?

Over the past decade, silt has built up in the Petaluma River, making it impossible for tourists and locals to boat down the river, whether as part of a day’s excursion for shopping and lunch in Petaluma or as part of one of the many water-based events such as the Holiday Lighted Boat parade. Removing … Continued

Who is in charge of the dredging project?

The US Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for funding and managing the dredging project. The City of Petaluma is a partner agency on this project; however, we are not managing this project and have not been part of the decision-making in terms of the contractor chosen, project timeline, or hours of operation.

After the 2020 dredging, when will the River need to be dredged again??

The City of Petaluma is wrapping up the process for obtaining 10-year maintenance dredging permits to support future maintenance dredging events, including the tentatively scheduled Marina dredging in 2021. The City will also be applying for the Measure AA Grant to provide additional funding for upcoming dredging. In addition, the City has been pursuing additional … Continued

What will happen to the dredge material?

The City has been pursuing additional funding and project partners to make a push for beneficial reuse of the dredge materials. Beneficial reuse could include the use of the dredge material to enhance the resiliency of the Petaluma Marsh and help protect additional vulnerable locations along the Petaluma River.

How will my life be affected during the Dredging project?

The dredging project will have the following impacts: Shollenberger Park Access The loop trail around Shollenberger will need to be closed for the duration of the project, to allow safe equipment access and to help ensure public safety. Noise Dredging can be noisy work. Those who live and/or work along the river should be prepared … Continued

How will the environment be protected during dredging?

This project is following strict Fish & Wildlife protocols and other measures to protect the environment. Project Timing & Deadlines The US Fish & Wildlife Agency has issued a permit for this project, with the condition that the project be completed during a certain time of year and within a certain time frame. The project … Continued

What equipment will be used in the dredging?

The work in this Upper River portion will be completed with a 74’ suction dredge, Sandpiper. A 24” pipe will be connected to the dredge and material will be pumped through the pipeline into the Shollenberger disposal site. The longest length of pipeline will be ~14,000 ft when the dredge is working in the turning … Continued

Where will the dredging occur?

Dredging will begin at Shollenberger and then work downstream (towards the Bay) to address some spots of shoaling along the channel. Once that is complete, work return to Shollenberger and then go upstream (towards the City core), finishing with the Turning Basin. Important Info about D-Street Bridge Closure Oct. 4 – 11.

When will the Petaluma River be dredged?

Dredging will begin on Friday, September 4, 2020, and will end no later than October 29, 2020. Under the terms of the contract, the contractor has 89 days to complete the project. The contractor is allowed to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a big project with a short timeline … Continued

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