FAQ Topic: Procurement

What qualifies as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

In general, to be eligible for the DBE program, persons must own 51% or more of a “small business,” establish that they are socially and economically disadvantaged within the meaning of Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, and prove they control their business. Groups presumed to be disadvantaged include: Women Black Americans Hispanic Americans Native Americans … Continued

What is the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

The City of Petaluma has a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program as a condition of receiving funds from the US Department of Transportation. This program sets forth policies and procedures aimed at removing barriers for and preventing discrimination of women- and minority-owned businesses bidding on DOT-funded projects within the City of Petaluma. Learn more about the … Continued

Does the Fee Proposal count towards the 20-page limit?

Yes, the fee proposal would count towards the 20-page limit. The Index/Table of Contents, tables, charts, graphic exhibits, and resumes of key staff are excluded from the page count limit. Additionally, any writing samples as attachments to the proposal will be excluded from the page count limit.

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