FAQ Topic: Sewer (Wastewater)

How do I replace the sewer lines on my property?

Replacing the sewer lateral line on your property benefits you and the City. It can significantly reduce your monthly sewer costs as well as reduce sewage back-ups on your property. Improving the way sewage is collected on your property helps the system as a whole, which is good for the City and its sewer customers. … Continued

How is recycled water used?

In Petaluma, recycled water is used to irrigate crops, vineyards, and large landscaped areas such as golf courses, athletic fields, and parks. It also can be used to create or replenish wetlands and wildlife sanctuaries.  Recycled water signs are placed in areas where recycled water is used.

How do I report illegal dumping down a storm drain?

Contact the Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility at (707) 776-3777 if you see or hear about anyone dumping anything into a storm drain. This might include include liquids left over from a restaurant or food/beverage manufacturing facility; dirty water from a construction site; holding tanks from campers or other recreation vehicles; motor oil; and household … Continued

How do I get rid of the dirty water that’s generated as part of  a construction or remediation project? Can I send it down the storm drain or hose it into the street

Water from a construction or remediation project should never be sent down a storm drain or flushed into the street or gutter. Doing so pollutes our waterways, kills plants and animals, and sets you up for a hefty fine. Instead, you’ll need to capture the water and discharge it properly into the into the City’s … Continued

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