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Training Dept Roster

Brian Cochran Assistant City Manager 707-778-4430 Email
Amanda Chavez Accountant 707-776-3632 Email
Karen Poehlmann PT Office Assistant II 707-778-4534 Email
Charles Castillo Human Resources Director 707-778-4343 Email
Vicki Wyman Office Assistant II 707-778-4384 Email
Tim Williamsen Information Technology Manager 707-778-4573 Email
Ashley Torres Accounting Assistant I 707-778-4384 Email
Jean Tillinghast Programmer Analyst 707-778-4544 Email
Lisa Tennenbaum Assistant City Attorney 707-778-4497 Email
Janine Tedrow Finance & Accounting Manager 707-778-4579 Email
Cindy Taylor Accounting Assistant II Email
Tori Tating Accounting Assistant II Email
Sue Simmons Commercial Services Manager 707-778-4322 Email
Lisa Rogers Legal Assistant 707-778-4362 Email
Sally Ricci Human Resources Specialist 707-776-3695 Email
Cecilia A. Quiambao Risk & Safety Officer 707-776-3780 Email
Samantha Pascoe Deputy City Clerk 707-778-4575 Email
Josiah Nelson Human Resources Assistant II 707-776-3696 Email
Suzanne McGowan Accounting Assistant II 707-778-4341 Email
Leslie Manning Accounting Assistant II 707-778-4413 Email
Kyle Lavin Accountant 707-778-4353 Email
Amanpreet Kaur Human Resources Analyst III 707-778-4551 Email
Jordan Green Assistant City Attorney 707-778-4362 Email
Corey Garberolio Finance Director 707-778-4357 Email
Brendan Galten Information Technology Specialist II 707-776-3616 Email
Peggy Flynn City Manager 707-778-4345 Email
Robin Ferrari Accounting Assistant II 707-778-4354 Email
Ruth Dunn Human Resources Specialist 707-776-3771 Email
Eric Danly City Attorney 707-778-4402 Email
Suzanne Terry Executive Assistant to the City Manager 707-778-4347 Email
Isabel Craft Accountant Analyst 707-778-4433 Email
Trae Cooper GIS Manager 707-778-4330 Email
Claire Cooper City Clerk 778-4360, ext. 361 Email
Scott Brodhun Assistant City Manager / Recreation Services Director 707-778-4430 Email
Manasa Anantharaman Accountant 707-778-4655 Email
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