Turning Basin & River Dredging

Project Description

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineering (USACE) is currently in the final stages of developing permitting and construction documents for the dredging of the Federal Channel within the Petaluma River. The City of Petaluma, as the local project sponsor, has and will ensure that the Shollenberger dredge material placement site will be ready to receive dredge spoils from the Upper River Channel. Dredging by the USACE is currently planned for summer of 2020 between August and November. In addition, the City of Petaluma intends to remove and replace the existing Turning Basin docks located at the northern end of the USACE’s project extent. By doing so, the City hopes not only to increase its support for non-profit organizations such as the Petaluma Small Crafts Float House but also to support the local downtown businesses. The increased river depth brought about by the federal dredging, and the upgraded docks will likely increase maritime traffic as well as provide increased access for both commercial and recreational maritime vessels.

Traffic Impact

When dredging occurs in the Turning Basin, the D Street Bridge will be opened multiple times a day, thereby, impacting the traffic along D Street. During the project, the areas undergoing dredging will not be accessible to the public, and marine traffic will likely be affected as well. Obstructions such as docks that are currently encroaching on the federal channel will need to be relocated during the project.

Project Status/Timeline

The USACE has completed the required sediment sampling as well as applied for and obtained the required permits for dredge material placement at Shollenberger. Concurrently, the City of Petaluma is wrapping up the process for obtaining 10-year maintenance dredging permits to support future maintenance dredging events, including the tentatively scheduled Marina dredging in 2021. The City will also be applying for the Measure AA Grant to provide additional funding for upcoming dredging. In addition, the City has been pursuing additional funding and project partners to make a push for beneficial reuse of the dredge materials and to develop a long term, sustainable plan to have the Marina regularly dredged. Beneficial reuse could include the use of the dredge material to enhance the resiliency of the Petaluma Marsh and help protect additional vulnerable locations along the Petaluma River.

Bid Details

The USACE is anticipated to go out to bid in late May or early June with an award date in late June or early July for the project.

Address (Approximate)

150 Weller St., Petaluma, CA, 94954

Turning Basin
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