Water Main Flushing

The Public Works & Utilities Department has implemented a flushing program utilizing the NO-DES flushing and filtration system.  NO-DES (Neutral Output-Discharge Elimination System) results in virtually no water waste.

Why do water mains need annual flushing?

Over time, naturally occuring sediment and debris can collect inside drinking water mains, which can contribute to corrosion and reduced water quality.

What does the NO-DES system do?

  • Flushes naturally occurring debris and sediment from the water main(s)
  • Helps maintain water quality
  • Conserves water

NO-DES is a new water conservation technology that replaces current and wasteful water main flushing (or hydrant flushing).  Traditional water main flushing involves isolating a section of the water main using water valves.  Then, a fire hydrant is opened, and the increase in water velocity flowing through the pipes picks up the sediment and debris to clean the pipes.  Old methods use nearly one (1) million or more gallons of water each year.  NO-DES saves water by attaching to two fire hydrants and creating a temporary above-ground loop through which the water is circulated through the filtration unit.  Naturally occurring debris and sediment are removed and the clean water is returned to the system.

During the cleaning process, you may experience a slight drop in water pressure and a slight discoloration of the water.  Water is safe to use during the flushing process.  If you see discolored water, you should not use any hot water.  Run the cold water in the bathtub or an outside hose bib for several minutes, until the water runs clear.

Driveways and curbs may be blocked by the NO-DES vehicle and hoses.  No Parking signs will be placed 24 hours prior to work taking place.  For your convenience, you may be asked to move your vehicle temporarily for the day so that your car will not be blocked in.

If you have any questions, please call the Public Works & Utilities Department at (707) 778-4546 or by email at [email protected] 

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