West View Estates PUD Minor Amendment

Posted on November 13, 2023

Project Name: West View Estates PUD Minor Amendment
Address: 405 Via Gigi [Map It]
APN: 006-480-0004
City Record Number: PLZA-2023-0004
Applicant Name: Tony Bragano, on behalf of property owner Raul Mujica
Date of Decision: On or after November 27, 2023
Project Description: Proposed Minor Planned Unit Development (PUD) Amendment to the West View Estates PUD to allow the development of an uncovered patio within the 20-foot rear building setback for the abovementioned parcel. The requested amendment would support the construction of an approximately 700-square-foot uncovered patio, between 16 inches and 30 inches in height above grade, attached to the rear of the existing residence. The proposed project is consistent with the Residential Low Density General Plan land use designation and with the intent of the setback standards within West View Estates PUD for accessory structures under 6 feet in height.

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