Community Art Grant

The City of Petaluma’s Community Art Grants Program was developed to provide arts funding to individual artists, community-based organizations, and 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations with projects or programs based in Petaluma. The purpose of this grant is to support public-facing projects and activities that exemplify high artistic quality, represent the diversity of people and cultures within Petaluma’s community, and celebrate the history and City of Petaluma. Funded projects through this grant program should be designed for public access and to engage with the Petaluma community.

All applicants are required to read the Community Art Grant Guidelines document in its entirety before submitting an application.

IMPORTANT: The 2021-22 grants have been approved by the Public Art Committee as of March 24, 2022. This opportunity is no longer open or accepting applications. This page will be updated if the grant program is renewed for the following fiscal year. Thank you for your understanding.

To learn more about the 2021-2022 grant recipients, please visit



Report Out Example - Rivertown Revival 2019

Program Goals

The Community Art Grant will provide funding to existing or emerging artistic, creative, and cultural projects in Petaluma generated by artists, community members and/or groups. Grant applicants are encouraged to seek additional funding sources to be used in combination with this grant.

Examples of funding that will be considered by the PPAC for this grant program:

  • support for a public presentation, production, art installation, exhibit, outdoor community celebration, arts fair or festival, or performance
  • arts-related supplies/materials for a public project
  • public projects related to arts education
  • cultural or creative projects that inspire diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility

Eligibility and How to Apply

The spirit and intent of the grant award is to support the creation of artwork or arts activities that are open and accessible to the public. Applicants for the Community Art Grant are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Created/proposed project will be held or hosted within Petaluma city limits.
  • Be able to demonstrate the art activities will culminate in a local and publicly accessible outcome and/or will benefit the community.
  • Consider joint-funding sources that can work together with this grant opportunity

The maximum grant amount through this program is $10,000. Awarded applicants will not be considered again through this program within twelve (12) months of award.

To apply for this opportunity, go online to to submit digitally via SlideRoom. Select ‘City of Petaluma – Community Art Grant’ and complete the online application form and submit the required media materials. Please refer to ‘Application Requirements’ below for more information about required application materials and deliverables.

Grant Proposal Evaluations

City staff will review submitted grant proposals for eligibility and completeness. Complete grant proposals will be forwarded to a subcommittee of the PPAC for review. Staff will facilitate the review meeting and collect the subcommittee’s application scores to determine funding priorities and recommendations. The subcommittee’s recommendations will be forwarded to the PPAC for final approval, where the recommended applicants will present their project before the full committee.

Awards are contingent upon available funds. The PPAC will set the total award budget at the beginning of the fiscal year which will determine the number of awards considered and amount available to offer in grant awards. Funding for this grant program comes from the Public Art Fund. For more information about the Public Art Fund and how it generates money through in-lieu fees, please visit


Awarded applicants will receive project funds in a distribution schedule; 50% of the awarded grant budget upon award approval and the remaining 50% after the project is completed within the submitted timeline.

Grant recipients will be required to report out on the funded program/project’s status, progress, and impact to receive the second payment distribution. Signage, plaques, and other public exhibition displays should note that the project was made possible with funds from the Public Art Fund.

To view the awarded grant projects for the 2021-2022 grant cycle, please visit

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