Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility

Water Recycling

Petaluma's own Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility collects, treats, and re-uses wastewater that goes into the city sewer system. Ellis Creek produces high-quality recycled water through advanced treatment, filtration, and ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection. Recycled water is used on-site for landscape irrigation, fire protection, plant-process-water, and toilet flushing. Recycled water is used within the City to offset drinking water for irrigation of parks, schools, and public and commercial landscapes. Recycled water is also used for irrigation of golf courses, vineyards, and other agricultural lands.

Part of the wastewater treatment process is the use of polishing wetlands, a natural process that removes nutrients and metals from wastewater. The wetlands are home to a wide range of wildlife including pelicans, egrets, herons, sandpipers, Red-tailed hawks, western pond turtles, and marsh wrens.


Click HERE to view the 2004 Recycled Water Master Plan.

photo of ellis creek recycling facility

Recycled Water

Learn more about how Petaluma helps conserve drinking water by utilizing recycled water to irrigate urban landscapes.

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