Recycled Water

We live in an arid state with a history of prolonged periods of drought. To help conserve drinking water, Petaluma uses recycled water to irrigate urban landscapes at schools, parks, business parks, and public landscape areas.

Petaluma’s Recycled Water History

Petaluma began using recycled water in 1976, when a local farmer demonstrated that recycled water could be used to successfully irrigate a range of crops under local soil and climate conditions. This early effort laid the groundwork for the City’s extensive recycled water program. Today, Petaluma has a total of 24 recycled water customers and serves recycled water for irrigation of vineyards, agricultural land, golf courses, parks, schools, business parks, and other public landscape areas.

Recycled Water sign at Kaiser Park

Apply for Recycled Water

Submit an application to determine if your property is eligible for recycled water. Submit all applications to [email protected]. For questions, please call 707-778-4507.

Rules and Regulations for Recycled Water Users

Information on the City of Petaluma's Recycled Water Program and the Recycled Water Permit and site requirements.

Site Supervisor Training

All sites using recycled water must designate a Site Supervisor and complete a training course. Click here for a free, four-part training series provided by the Bay Area Clean Water Agencies (BACWA).

Self-Monitoring Reports (SMRs)

All current recycled water users must submit quarterly self-monitoring reports. Click the image above to access the form. Submit all SMRs to [email protected].

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