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Petaluma is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents by making walking, bicycling and rolling safe and convenient methods of transportation and recreation.

Walking, bicycling and rolling reduces your carbon footprint, eases traffic congestion, lowers noise pollution, and overall increases residents and visitors health and quality of life.

Current projects the City of Petaluma is working on to make the city pedestrian, bike and rolling friendly include the following:

Fam Bike Class

Pedestrian, Bicycle and Rolling Frequently Asked Questions

Registering your bike with the Petaluma Police Department helps you get your bike back if it gets lost or stolen. For more information on why you should register your bike and to access the registration form click here.

Access the proposed and existing bike facilities maps here.

The Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee makes walking and biking safer and more enjoyable by developing new bike and pedestrian projects, providing recommendations for bicycle and pedestrian facilities, reviewing development applications and more. Additional information about the PBAC can be found here.

If you are interested in joining the PBAC or any other commission, committee, or board click here.

Electric bikes and scooters are treated as bicycles and are subject to the same regulations and provisions within the city. For more information click here.

The Petaluma Bike and Pedestrian Master plan provides a thorough glimpse into City plans which can be accessed here. Sign up here to stay informed and share your thoughts!

To report issues including potholes or sidewalk concerns click here.

Any further questions can be directed to Ken Eichstaedt at [email protected]

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