Water Service

Petaluma manages its own water service, including water delivery and and water recycling. This allows us to be innovative in the way we manage our water, from the time it enters our pipes as water supply, to the time it leaves the City’s water recycling facility and is either reused for irrigation or gets released into the Petaluma River.

Sign Up & Billing

Get info about your water and sewer bill, including how to pay and how we calculate rates.


Learn about the history of our water agency and how we source and store water.

Quality & Delivery

Read about how we ensure water quality and download water quality reports.

Recycled Water

Learn how we process water at our Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility, then re-use it for irrigation or release it in the Petaluma River.

Ground Water

Read about groundwater and regional efforts to safeguard it on one of our partner's website.

Storm Water

Storm water is rain runoff that feeds into local waterways. Learn about this important resource and how to preserve it.

Water Conservation

The Environmental Services team oversees water conservation programs, storm water and pollution prevention, and permits for business. Learn more here!

Report a Problem

Link to info about how to report a water-related problem, such as water waste.

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