Downtown ADA Improvements

Project Description

The City will be upgrading various downtown curb ramps, sidewalks, and other facilities in the downtown area to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act standards. We look forward to making our city more accessible for those living with disabilities and improving the overall walkability of the Downtown.

Project Location

Downtown Petaluma.

Traffic Impacts & Benefits

There will be some traffic impact associated with the demolition and construction at each of the approximate 15 construction sites downtown. Details will be shared with the community prior to the start of each project.  In the long-term, there will be improved pedestrian travel across roadways.

Timeline/Project Status

The work will be occurring mid-2021.


Wastewater funds were approved in fiscal year 2018/2019 to cover impacts of unanticipated sewer system repairs. Transient Occupancy Tax funds have also been recommended as a funding source.

Bid Details

The construction contract is currently in review and signing.

Traffic Cone Sidewalk
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