Jefferson Street Safety Improvements

Project Description

The City of Petaluma has received concerns from the community regarding pedestrian and traffic safety along Jefferson Street. Our teams investigated and have determined safety upgrades are required.

We will be painting curbs red and adjusting painted traffic lines at intersections along Jefferson Street to increase pedestrian safety and encourage slower driving speeds. While every effort is being made to retain as many parking spaces as possible, the work will result in removal of some spaces that border traffic intersections.

Project Manager

Jeff Stutsman, City Engineer
[email protected]

Project Location

Jefferson Street (from Lakeville Street to Payran Street)

Traffic, Parking, and Field Use Impacts

Some parking spaces that border intersections will be removed via application of red curb paint. Traffic lines will be updated in some areas using paint, as well. These changes are designed to increase pedestrian safety and encourage slower driving speeds.

Project Status

Under Construction


This project is funded by the City of Petaluma Operations Budget.

BID Details

N/A - The project is being completed by City staff.


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