Payran/Madison Sewer and Water Main Upgrade Project


Project Description

The City of Petaluma is committed to providing clean, safe water and sewer services to our community which requires us to replace and upgrade underground pipes when they get old and stop working optimally. The pipes in the Payran/Madison area are currently in need of repair. We plan to replace and upgrade them in the coming months.  

The project will be split into two phases. Read on to learn more and please sign up to receive project updates using the form located on the right of this webpage.

Community outreach will continue throughout the design and construction phases to update and inform the neighborhood. Please sign up using the form on this webpage to receive project updates and information about upcoming neighborhood meetings.


Phase 1 - Trenchless Sewer Main Replacement  

Existing sanitary sewer pipes made of clay will be replaced with new, heavy-duty plastic pipes (made of  high density polyethylene, also referred to as HDPE). This new plastic material provides increased reliability and ensures the lines hold strong for years to come.  

  • The Good News: We are using a replacement technique called “pipe bursting” in which we pull new pipe through the existing pipe. This technique requires us to only dig a small hole (about 3’ x 3’ per pipe) to connect each residential sewer lateral to the new sewer main pipe, rather than creating long trenches to dig up all the old pipe.  Less digging = less headache for residents. 
  • An Unusual Situation: The sewer lines in this particular neighborhood are located in the backyards of many properties. While is it never ideal for the City to carry out construction in your backyard, our teams are extremely conscientious and will work with each property owner/resident individually to ensure the least disturbance possible to your landscaping and your sanity.  

If an impacted sewer main is located in your backyard, we will reach out to you directly and will work with you to minimize impacts to your property while we complete the necessary pipe replacement.  Work is expected to take one week per backyard. 

Next Steps

The project will begin in the coming weeks and there is going to be a lot of activity happening in the area. City staff will be in touch with you directly if your backyard is scheduled to be impacted.

What to expect:

  • Our City Inspector and contractor, KJ Woods Construction, Inc., will be visiting each home of each yard scheduled to be impacted.
  • They will need to access the yard to document the exiting conditions of the property (this helps us understand where to dig and how to cause the least disruption).
  • Door-to-door outreach to residents will begin on September 18. The team will leave info about how to schedule a visit.

Speaking directly with our team will help ensure the least disturbance to your property and day-to-day activities. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to make these important upgrades to your sewer system.

Tentative Construction Schedule:


  1. Payran: 9/19/23 to 10/2/23
  2. Rio Vista Way A 9/29/23 to 10/17/23
  3. Rio Vista Way B 10/12/23 to 10/26/23
  4. Vallejo St 10/24/23 to 10/30/23
  5. Averye Way 10/31/23 to 11/16/23
  6. Vallejo St (by Myrtle Ct and Averye Way) 11/15/23 to 11/21/23
  7. Myrtle Ct 11/22/23 to 12/4/23
  8. Doris Way & Alma Ct 12/4/23 to 12/8/23


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Phase 2 - Sewer Main Replacement with Trenching 

To maintain and improve the condition of the City's wastewater system, each year we replace or upgrade deteriorating or undersized sewer main lines ("sewer mains") around town. We have found some sewer mains in your area that are in need of attention and we will be replacing some portions and upgrading others to ensure all lines remain in safe working condition. In order to complete this work, we will be digging trenches. Traffic control measure will be in place during construction to keep traffic flowing.


Water Main Replacement with Trenching 

The existing water main pipes (“water mains”) and fire hydrants will be replaced and moved so that they are no longer located on private property. 

The water mains are currently located in the front yards of many properties in the area. We will leave those existing pipes in place (front yards will not be disturbed). The new pipes will be placed in the street and will increase system reliability. Their relocation will also ensure City crews do not have to enter private property to conduct system maintenance in the future. New fire hydrants and will increase safety in the neighborhood. We will be digging trenches for this portion of the work, as well, and will have traffic control measures in place to help with the flow of traffic.

Project Manager

George Howard, Assistant Engineer II

Phone: 707-776-3776

Project Location

The work is located on Madison Street between Lakeville Street and Edith Street, San Carlos Drive area, along Vallejo Street including Averye Way and Myrtle Court, and within Rio Vista Way area. Properties scheduled to be directly impacted by the work will be contacted by City staff to minimize impacts.

Traffic Impacts & Benefits

During construction, traffic control measures will be in place to manage traffic flow and protect the work areas. Parking along the streets may be impacted to ensure traffic flow through the area is maintained. Access to driveways and properties will be preserved at all times throughout the project. The City will make every effort possible to minimize traffic impacts to businesses and residents, however, please plan for some delays in the area and travel carefully through the work zone.

Timeline/Project Status

The Trenchless Sewer portion of the project is scheduled to go out to bid on June 15th, for a construction agreement with the responsible low bidder August 7th, 2023. Construction is anticipated to start in Fall 2023 and complete in Spring 2024.


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