Landscape Assessment Districts

What are Landscape Assessment Districts

Landscape Assessment Districts (LADs) are parcels of land that are privately owned but maintained by the City of Petaluma.

The property owners pay a special fee--or assessment--to fund landscaping and maintenance. There are 44 Landscape Assessment Districts in Petaluma.

If you have questions about a Landscape Assessment District contact us on the LAD Hotline at (707) 778-4520.

What is the City's Role

The City works with developers and landscape architects at the planning stage. Once the landscape is put in, City staff will inspect planting installations, test irrigation systems, and make sure the landscape meets City requirements.

The City often works with citizen groups (including property owners) during the planning stages.

Once the landscape is installed, the City responds to complaints and emergency call-outs and inspects/coordinates work performed by an outside contractor through a maintenance contract.

City staff manage assessment district budgets and are involved in the formation of new districts. Staff also conduct public meetings and elections related to Landscape Assessment Districts, such as when an increase in the assessment is needed.

photo of garden in Petaluma

Landscape Assessment Districts help the City keep a consistent look and feel on privately-owned properties that are adjacent to streets or other public lands.

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