Capital Improvements Program (CIP)


The Capital Improvements Projects (CIP) Division is the go-to team for big City projects that improve safety and quality of life in the City.

CIP projects are more than simple fix-it projects. They're meant to add value to the City and often involve major renovations, replacements, additions...or even all three.

Our team includes engineers, project managers, surveyors, map specialists, inspectors, grant writers, and finance experts. Projects vary year to year -- so there's never a dull moment in our Division!

Under Construction

McNear Sewer and Water Main Replacement

Petaluma Blvd South Water Main Replacement

Water Services Replacement Project

Water Pump Station Improvements

Cavanagh Center Roof Repair

Pavement Restoration 2021

Downtown ADA Improvements

Rainier Active Transportation Improvements With Paving Project

Lynch Creek Trail Detour

Design Phase

Community Center Improvements

Electric Vehicle Chargers Installation

Petaluma Blvd South Road Diet

Rainier Crosstown Connector

North McDowell Blvd. Complete Streets Project

F & 1st Street Bridge Replacement

Petaluma Community Sports Fields Baseball Diamond

In Planning Stage


PIPS Forcemain

Rivertrail - 101 Crossing

Caulfield Bridge & Extension Permitting and 10% Design

Leghorn-Maria Recycled Water Extension

SRJC Petaluma Water Main

Recently Completed


Pavement Restoration - Maria Drive

Petaluma Blvd Guardrail

Turning Basin & River Dredging

Police Station Improvements

Sonoma Mountain Parkway Reconstruction

Hazard Mitigation Program

Hazard Mitigation Plan

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