D Street Traffic Calming & Active Transportation Quick-Build Project

Project Description

D Street serves an important role as a gateway between the countryside and Petaluma. The historic residential street is traveled along and across by many people on foot and bike, including children and families accessing nearby parks and schools. Unfortunately, D Street was recently identified as part of Sonoma County's High Injury Network, meaning traffic collisions on D Street occur more frequently and with greater injury severity relative to most Sonoma County roads.

The City is committed to creating safer streets and doing so in a way that best suits the needs of our community. We are seeking input on proposed traffic calming, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements that can be installed quickly using low-cost, flexible materials. Quick-build projects (also referred to as "pilot" or "demonstration" projects) give the community a chance to experience proposed changes, then provide feedback before we move forward with long-lasting improvements.

Our goals with this project are twofold: 1) implement traffic calming fixes that will deliver immediate safety benefits, and 2) seek input on and test street design elements to inform a future road reconstruction project that will take place following sewer and water main replacement projects in 2024. For more information about future construction activities on D Street, please see “Future D Street Projects” below.

Project Updates

Join Us Monday April 8

Over the past 18 months, the community has shared feedback about the proposed D Street Active Transportation & Traffic Calming project*. Thank you to all who have taken the time to share your perspective. With your input in mind, we will be presenting design options to the City Council for consideration on April 8, 2024.

Design Options:

  • Bike Lane Alternative: Bike lanes in both directions between 4thStreet and Laurel Avenue; on-street parking on one side of the street along the same stretch (inbound/northbound between 4th – 8th Street; outbound/southbound between 8th Street – Laurel Avenue).
  • Parking Alternative: No bike lanes between 4th Street and Laurel Avenue; on-street parking in both directions along the same stretch.

All other proposed design features (including traffic calming and pedestrian enhancements) are the same between the two alternatives.

Please join us to view the designs and share your thoughts during the public comment portion of the meeting.

When: Monday April 8, 6:30pm

Where: Council Chambers at City Hall, 11 English Street

To view the meeting agenda and materials, including instructions on how to provide written comments ahead of the meeting, please visit: cityofpetaluma.org/meetings

Project Update from Christopher Bolt, Public Works & Utilities Director: June 28, 2023

Our Public Works & Utilities Director emailed those who have subscribed to project updates detailing proposed next steps, which include a "Phase I" project that aims to deliver traffic calming and pedestrian enhancements this fall.

Project Survey #2: May 8 - May 24, 2023

In response to feedback received at our April 26, 2023 community workshop, we made a new survey available focusing primarily on the proposed lane configuration and bicycle route preferences. 261 people took the survey.

Community Workshop #2: Wednesday, April 26, 2023

The City hosted its second community workshop to introduce and seek feedback on the proposed design. The meeting was attended by 55 people.

Proposed Design

The proposed design includes several traffic calming, pedestrian, and intersection safety enhancements, as well as bike lanes in both directions between Petaluma Boulevard South and City Limits. In order to provide bike lanes in both directions, on-street parking would be prohibited on one side of the street between 4th Street and Laurel Avenue. Staff performed three weekday parking counts (morning, afternoon, and nighttime) and found that, on average,14 percent of on-street parking is utilized between 4th Street and Laurel Avenue. Parking counts were used to identify which side of the street had higher parking utilization; the resulting configuration includes parking on the inbound side of the street between 4th Street and 8th Street, and on the outbound side between 8th Street and Laurel Avenue.

For more background, including feedback collected through the City's project survey and first community workshop, review the previous project updates below.

Project Survey: October 21 - November 10, 2022

The City posted an online survey asking for feedback on priorities and potential design elements/roadway configurations. 138 people responded to the survey.

Presentation to Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee: November 2, 2022

The City provided a similar presentation to the Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee, incorporating feedback received at the October 18 Community Workshop.

Community Workshop #1: October 18, 2022

The City hosted a virtual community workshop to introduce the project and hear community concerns and ideas. The meeting was attended by 70 people.

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Future D Street Projects

Sewer and Water Main Replacements

  • Location: Petaluma Boulevard South to Sunnyslope Avenue/El Rose Drive
  • Estimated Construction: Summer-Fall 2024
  • Description: The City will replace the sewer and water mains within D Street and on connecting streets, both of which are aging and in need of capacity enhancements. Staff has prioritized areas of the City in need of water and sewer main replacements to maximize efficiency and minimize disruption and construction costs.
  • Project Manager: Dan Herrera

Road Reconstruction and Complete Streets Improvements

  • Location: Petaluma Boulevard South to City Limits
  • Estimated Construction: Summer-Fall 2025 (pending funding)
  • Description: Following the sewer and water main replacements, the City will reconstruct D Street. Roadway reconstruction will include a new roadway surface, ADA curb ramps, traffic signal upgrades, and traffic calming, bicycle, and pedestrian improvements. The roadway design will be informed by feedback received and data collected during the quick-build project.
  • Project Manager: Ken Eichstaedt

Scott Ranch Developer-Funded Improvements

  • Location: Sunnyslope Avenue/El Rose Drive to City Limits
  • Estimated Construction: TBD
  • Description: The proposed Scott Ranch development project would provide several roadway improvements, including the installation of a new roundabout at the Windsor Drive intersection, sidewalks, and Class II bike lanes. If the project is approved, the City will coordinate with the developer’s construction schedule to minimize disruption.
  • Project Webpage: https://cityofpetaluma.org/scott-ranch/


Funding for the Quick-Build project will come from Traffic Mitigation Impact Fees and Street Maintenance funds.

BID Details


Project Location

Petaluma Boulevard South to City Limits

Timeline/Project Status

  • October 18, 2022: Community Workshop #1
  • November 2, 2022: Presentation to the Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee
  • Winter - Spring 2023: Quick-Build Design
  • April 26, 2023: Community Workshop #2 (Review Proposed Quick-Build Design)
  • Summer 2024: Phase I Quick-Build Installation
  • 2025: Sewer and Water Main Replacement Projects (Petaluma Boulevard South to Sunnyslope Avenue/El Rose Drive)
  • 2026 (pending funding): Road Reconstruction Project (Petaluma Boulevard South to City Limits)
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