Historic Trestle Reconstruction

Goal Background

Petaluma’s historic trestle is located along the southwest bank of the Turning Basin in downtown Petaluma.  While significant hurdles exist, the vision is to transform the structure which is currently in poor condition into a prized, iconic riverfront gathering place and active transportation hub.  Major milestones include environmental assessment, determining ownership/acquisition models, inviting the community to develop a vision for the site, design, securing funding for construction, and project implementation.  This will be a multi-year project.

May 2023 Project Updates

From May 22-27, 2023, Inspectors will be on the river and the Trestle conducting an inspection of the timber conditions on the Trestle and assessing the deterioration since the last Trestle study in 2011. This work will help us understand what parts of the trestle can be salvaged or repaired in a future design, which will help us figure out how much the trestle rehabilitation will ultimately cost. It's crucial work, and we're excited to begin this milestone in one of our community's top ten priorities.

This work will bring us closer to the completion of the first two milestones below, Reengage on Previous Studies/Plans/Designs and Commence Design of the Project to Make the Project Ready for Bids in FY24 or FY25.


*Please note the City of Petaluma's fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. 

Milestone Description
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Estimated Completion

Progress Status Q1 July-Sept 2022 Q2 Oct-Dec 2022 Q3 Jan-Mar 2023 Q4 Apr-Jun 2023 Q1 Jul-Sept 2023 Q2 Oct-Dec 2023 Q3 Jan-Mar 2024 Q4 Apr-Jun 2024 FY25 & Beyond
Reengage on previous studies/plans/designs FY23 Q1 Complete
Commence on design of the project to make the project ready for bids in FY24 or FY25  FY23 Q1 Complete
Environmental assessment/permits FY23 Q3 Current
Research and identify viable options for ownership of (a) the existing structure and (b) the underlying land. FY23 Q4 Current
Outreach - including CCBs FY23 Q3 Current
Clarify a vision for what the Trestle can, should, and will be; create an artistic rendering FY23 Q4 Current
Research and compile potential, viable grant programs FY23 Q4 Current
Potential acquisition / resolve ownership structure FY23 Q4 Upcoming
Apply for permits for construction FY24 Q1 Upcoming
Design completed - project is shovel ready FY24 Q2 Upcoming
Funding secured FY24 Q3 Upcoming
Award construction contract FY24 Q4 Upcoming
Project construction FY25+ Upcoming
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