Rivertrail – 101 Crossing

Project Description

This project will plan, design, and construct a critical piece of the Rivertrail crossing under Highway 101 and across the trail from Alman Marsh through the Marina to Hopper Street which ultimately leads to downtown Petaluma. The path will provide cyclists and pedestrians an alternative and safer travel route as opposed to traveling along Lakeville Highway.

Traffic Impact

Street traffic will likely not be impacted. However, during the project, the areas under construction will not be accessible to the public.

Project Status/Timeline

The City of Petaluma has currently applied and is waiting to hear if Proposition 68 - Recreational Trails and Greenways Grant will be awarded to the City to cover most of the project cost.

Bid Details

This project is still in the early planning phase and has not gone out to bid yet.

Address (Approximate)

1999 Petaluma Blvd. South #1801, Petaluma, CA, 94952

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