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Victoria and Country Club Pump Station Improvements

Project Description

This project will provide structural, mechanical, electrical, instrument control, and communication upgrades to the Country Club Pump Station, located on the west side of Petaluma off McNear Avenue, and the Victoria Pump Station, located on the west side of Petaluma off Windsor Drive.

The proposed action meets Council Goal 55: “Make the City’s water distribution system more resilient by repairing and replacing leaking water pipes and implementing the water/sewer masterplan.”

Traffic Impact


Project Status

An engineering study has been completed and a construction contractor has been approved by City Council.

BID Details

Engineer's Estimate: $  750,000

Notice Inviting Bids: September 26, 2019 

Bids Received

Clyde D. Steagall, Inc.   $ 1,116,576     Lowest Responsible Bidder

Team Ghilotti                 $ 1,447,141

Valentine Corp              $ 1,587,369


photo of Petaluma pump station near Victoria Estates
photo of pump station in Petaluma, Calif.
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