Pavement Restoration 2021

Project Description

We are excited to announce our new strategy for keeping our streets safe and smooth: the annual Pavement Restoration project!

This annual project will help reduce the continued degradation of our City’s street system by implementing pavement maintenance measures. Paving treatments will consist mostly of seal coats and overlays. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) improvements to sidewalks and curb ramps will be included whenever possible.

This year, we are focused on preventative maintenance of a large number of streets around town, rather than the full reconstruction of a single street. This approach addresses the need to keep more streets from degrading to the point of needing full and more extensive reconstruction. We can think of streets like roofs on buildings; if you maintain the roof it will last a long time, if you do not perform maintenance the roof eventually becomes beyond repair and will need to be replaced entirely. Our preventative maintenance is designed to keep us from having to perform costly and time-consuming road replacements.

Project Manager

Ken Eichstaedt, Senior Traffic Engineer

*Please Note: The contractor will be revisiting completed areas and performing repair work where there was significant damage to the finished surface following the application. If you have a location that needs to be addressed, please call Mario Traverso at 707-331-2316.*

Project Location

Throughout the city.  See link below for specific streets being restored.


Traffic Impacts & Benefits

There will be short term traffic impacts that will occur during the road treatment applications.  The City will endeavor to properly notify the public to traffic disruption and restore the roadway with the improved surface.

Project Status

This project will take place throughout 2021.


Funding for this work comes from a combination of the Road Maintenance and Recovery Act (RMRA), Street Maintenance Funds, and utility fees that exist to compensate for damage done to streets due to placement and maintenance of sewer and water facilities.

BID Details

Construction has begun and will proceed until July/August.


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