Water Services Replacement 19/20 Project

Project Description

The Water Services Replacement 19/20 Project will replace defective water services that result in frequent pipe breaks and water leaks. Many of the water services installed during the 1970’s and early 80’s included polybutylene “blue-tube” piping to connect the water main to the customer’s water meter. Polybutylene (PB) is plastic resin used to manufacture pipes and fittings that becomes brittle causing micro-fractures and pipe failure. The subject project will upgrade the deteriorated water services and water main service saddles to current City standards.

This project will replace approximately 180 polybutylene service lines located in residential areas with high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The water service replacements are phased over multiple years due to the cost and size of the project. The project locations are prioritized based on failure rate. Operational staff has prioritized the locations around Del Oro Way and Creekside Way due to service call history. In addition to these two residential areas, operational staff has selected to replace water services on McDowell Blvd from Old Redwood Highway to Sunrise Parkway, in anticipation of roadway rehabilitation in fiscal year 21/22.

Address (approximate):  North McDowell Blvd from Sunrise Parkway to Old Redwood Highway, Creekside Circle, Eastside Circle, Del Oro Circle, Del Sol Way.

Project Manager: Dan Herrera, Senior Civil Engineer

Traffic Impact

The project will impact along North McDowell Blvd  and residential areas defined in the project description.  All traffic restrictions will be posted for drivers with signage. Ingress and egress to homes and businesses will be maintained. Traffic control and routing measure will be implemented to maintain through traffic in the area.

Project Status

Update: September 11, 2020

Project will commence October 2020 and should be complete by February 2021.


Bid Details

Engineer's Estimate                        $1,300,000

Name of Bidder                                Bid Total

Team Ghilotti, Inc.                             $ 1,107,141        Lowest responsive bid

Pat Nelson Construction                   $ 1,173,700

D & D Pipelines Inc.                          $ 1,180,985

Piazza Construction                          $ 1,410,740

Argonaut Constructors                      $ 1,460,100

WR Forde Associates Inc.                $ 1,463,318



Water Service Replacement 19/20
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