This is a newly launched website for the City of Petaluma.  Please excuse us as we make it perfect. And, let us know what you think.


We have 396 lane miles of streets, 350+ miles of sidewalks, and 51 signaled intersections in Petaluma. Different parts of our Public Works & Utilities Department have work that involves the streets in some way or another.

Our Streets Maintenance crew monitors the condition of the streets and makes repairs to signs, crosswalks, and the streets themselves when needed.

Our Traffic Control team is involved in managing the flow of traffic--not only a moment-to-moment basis using a very cool computer, but also over the long term, such as looking at how new developments will affect how people move through the city.

We also have engineers and management staff who look at how to improve the quality of our streets through capital improvement projects.

We rely on other City staff and our community to let us know when there is a streets-related problem.

To report a dead animal in the street please contact North Bay Animal Services at (707) 778-7387

Street Pavement



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