Turning Basin Dredging & Dock Restoration

Phase 1 - Turning Basin Dredging & Dock Repair
October 2022 - Complete!

This part of the project included:

  • Dredging of select areas in the Turning Basin that were not dredged by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 2020
  • Removal and reinstallation of the Petaluma Small Craft Center dock and gangway
  • Removal and reinstallation of the City Dock on the West side of the Turning Basin
  • Removal of the City Dock on the East Side of the Turning Basin (this dock will be replaced in 2023)

This project has improved navigable access to the Turning Basin for large boats, as was evident at the 2022 Lighted Boat Parade. The work also supported the efforts of the Petaluma Small Craft Center (PSCC). Now PSCC's boat rental center, The Floathouse, can operate safely at any tide, providing year-round river access to all.

The City plans to replace the dock on the east side of the Turning Basin in Fall 2023. The dock replacement project will involve installing new pilings as well as a new dock.

Click HERE to read the Staff Report on this project.

Phase 2 - Marina Fueling and Public Safety Access Dredging
October through November 2022 - Complete!

During pre-construction planning for the Turning Basin project, the City identified the opportunity to complete a small dredging project aimed at improving public safety and fueling access at the Marina. Approximately 1,700 cubic yards of dredged material were removed, with the following benefits:

  • Restored navigable access to the Marina fueling station for all boaters
  • Provided sufficient depth for police and fire vessels to access their docks and keep the response vessels in the water for increased response time capability.

Click HERE to view the staff report for this project.

Future Dredging Projects

The City is working to secure funding and obtain permits for a more comprehensive dredging project at the Marina. This future Marina dredging project will recover the full operational water depth at the Marina for boating safety, navigation, and Marina operations, which will facilitate higher tenant occupancy and capacity.

In addition, the City is setting aside money for new and maintenance dredging projects along the Petaluma River, including under the City docks located on the Southwest side of the Turning Basin.


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